Services we offer

South Herts Financial Services Limited offers a range of services backed by knowledge, expertise and experience.  Whether you are concerned about your eventual retirement or simply feel you are paying too much tax, we can help you find ways of making the most of your money for both the present and the future.

The cost of our services

Payment for initial advice services

Before we provide any services to you, we will gather information about your circumstances and needs. A small charge maybe made for this but will be offset against any fees or via adviser charging from product providers.

After this we will charge you:

A one-off fee or adviser charge as a percentage of the initial investment amount as follows:

£1 - £25,000 - 3% - subject to a minimum of £500 and a maximum of £750

£25,001 - £50,000 - 2% - subject to a minimum of £500 and a maximum of £1000

£50,000+  1% - sunject to a minimum of £500 and a maximum of £2500

Example: If you invest a lump sum of £40,000 into a personal pension plan, we charge a fee or an an adviser charge of 2% of the amount invested, which would mean an initial fee or adviser charge of £800 (£40,000 x 2% = £800)

We will tell you how much the initial fee or adviser charge will be before you complete an investment, but you may ask for this information earlier.

Other Product Charges

Annuities 1.25% - of the purchase price subject to a minimum of £500.

Adviser Hourly Rate - £135 (for other work/services provided)

Mortgage arrangement fee - £395 plus introductory fee from lender.

Payment for ongoing services

There will be an additional charge for any ongoing work, such as periodic or ongoing reviews we carry out on your behalf. We will confirm the rate, frequency and length of any ongoing service(s) before commencing that ongoing service.

On going services offered:

  • Ongoing review meetings
  • Reporting
  • Investment management
  • Contact - telephone and email service
  • Administration
  • Professional services

More details on the services we offer will be provided separately.

We also offer an ongoing service where we review your account every 12 months and inform you of new recommendations or changes that may be relevant to your circumstances. This service is provided at a charge of £20 per month and can be either deducted from your investment or paid by direct debit/standing order. This service can be cancelled at any time. Please ask your adviser for more details. 

Where you have a complaint or dispute with us and we are unable to resolve this to your satisfication then we are obliged to offer the Financial Ombudsman Service to help resolve this. Please see the following link for further details:



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